Crypto 2

What can you do for me?

Gain a strong fundamental understanding of the stock market. These are some of the topics that I can help you with: what are stocks and how to use technical and fundamental analysis to analyze them. I will provide you with a variety of financial tools and  resources. I’ll work with you one-on-one to help you accelerate your learning curve.

Can you be more specific? Yes, we can cover the following topics:

1. What is the best software for technical analysis?

2. How can we find stocls that just crossed a 200-day moving average, ranked highest by Wilders RSI, have a stochastic of 80 or higher, or just about anything…

3. What is the right software for immediate buy/sell alerts, relevant and immediate plain-English commentary and can even send alerts by email.

4. Other Important topics:

Portfolio Management: how to align your portfolio with your goals.
Fundamental Analysis: How to research, view and understand valuation metrics.
Income Investing: How to design a portfolio such that it targets income from dividends and interest.

5. What is the best software designed specifically designed for your financial goals? How can you enter trades while following your trading plan. Also, what do you mean by a trading plan?

The goals of our work together is to discuss the technicals involved in financial management, types of strategies, entry criteria, exit conditions, helpful tools and indicators, psychology, and the pros and cons and trade-offs of everything in between. 

Will you tell me what to buy?

Hugh is  not a financial advisor, and will not advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter.

Financial Consulting/ Education


Cryptocurrency is changing our world one coin at time.  Learn about this world-changing movement and how you can be a part of it!

New to the Crypto world? We will work together on the basics including knowledge of blockchains and the value they offer society, how to invest into cryptocurrencies and how to track, move and keep your money secure. 


Basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


  • What is blockchain? What are cryptocurrencies?
  • Hot and cold coin storage
  • Which exchanges to setup accounts in
  • How to move coins and view transaction data
  • How to make your coin investments ultra-secure
  • How to best track news and announcements
  • Basics on how to get started earning with DeFi (decentralized finance)


Intermediate Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


  • Using investment thesis and mental filters to choose which coins to invest into
  • Increasing the probability that in 10 years your coins are well used by the world
  • How to organize and view your assets in a real-time customizable investment portfolio
  • Cold storage using Ledger/Trezor, setup and philosophy
  • Backup and recovery plans for assets
  • Customized security plan based on your lifestyle & need

Crypto Consulting and Education

Let's create a customized computer configuration so that it can have a powerful positive effect on your financial and/or architectural needs! We'll look into the proper technology, a comfortable seating, and a set of monitors customized just for you!

I will help you to build a computer system for your applications in Architecture and/or Finance. Some of the important topics:

What is a CPU/Processor?The processor is the single hardest thing in a system to upgrade so I would suggest spending more money here if possible.

What do you mean by a motherboard?

Which motherboard you are going to use is going to be dictated by 3 things:

• The processor you choose.

• The size case you choose

• The type of video card you would like to use


What type of Memory/RAM do I need?

The motherboard we chose can handle up to 128GB of RAM memory. RAM Memory is where any open applications are stored while you are running them. I would say 16GB would be the bare minimum I would run, but 32GB/64GB would be much better.

Do I need 12 computers? Can you set me up with 12 monitors to be able to work?

I can definitely set you up with a multi-monitor capability that can support up to 12 monitors. For that, we need to work to make sure to choose the appropriate video card and monitor matrix to support the monitors. Of course, we can also help you to design a setup for you from one to sixteen monitors!


Why is a Video Card important? 

There are two major companies that manufacture the best graphics chips. They include NVIDIA and AMD. Both offer high quality graphics cards (the best in the industry in my opinion)


Computer Setups for Financial and or Architectural Uses